Xavier’s Wish


Life is so hard for the boys and girls on our wait list. They’ve suffered more already in their young lives than most of us ever will. And yet they endure.

You help them through their pain. You really do. I’ve seen it time and time again. You must know that when you give, whether it’s $10 or $15, you have made a lifelong difference to a boy like Xavier – no matter how long, or how short that lifetime is.

Xavier was a happy, playful, active 4-year-old little boy. And then it happened. He suffered a massive stroke that caused him permanent paralysis on both sides of his body and robbed him of his ability to speak. Xavier’s stroke resulted from complications he suffered from sickle cell disease.


Can you imagine the struggle, the anguish that Xavier faces every single day? But this kid is not diminished or defined by what happened to him. His spirit, his heart, his soul are soaring, even as his body rests in a wheelchair. And nothing makes him happier than listening to the music of Beyonce. His wish was to meet her.

You made that happen for Xavier. We sent him to a Beyonce concert, where he was able to spend some one-on-one time with her. And the smile on his face in the photo you see tells you everything he feels, but cannot say. Sometimes a moment is so big that words aren’t enough.

I don’t know that I’ll ever find the words to tell you how important you are to me and to each child who waits for a dream-come-true. I can only hope that you’ll give again right now.

48,632 kids helped this last fiscal year through our many programs and services.

Our Mission

Kids Wish Network is a charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations. Kids Wish Network assists children and their families through several key programs.