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Gregory is named Hero of the Month for Kids Wish Network & Miracle Kids Success Academy

December 2015

“Suffered a stroke at age 4” At the age of 4, Gregory was involved in an unfortunate accident that completely changed his way of seeing the world. Because of a head injury he received in the accident, he also suffered a stroke. From the stroke, Gregory experienced hemiparesis, extreme weakness in one side of his […]

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Kallie – Hero of the Month

September 2015

“She is very giggly, smiley, and resilient” At the age of 3, Kallie suffered from a very painful medical emergency. Kallie’s appendix burst, and doctors immediately wheeled her into surgery to do damage control. They made an incision into her abdomen to remove Kallie’s appendix and washed out the surrounding infection. Kallie’s ruptured appendix also […]

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Freddy – Hero of the Month

September 2015

“He is starting to get the twinkle back in his eyes” It was unexpected when 9-year-old Freddy was rushed to Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Michigan. A blood clot had formed in Freddy’s body and traveled to his brain, causing him to have a severe stroke. Freddy suffered a lot of pain. Freddy had to undergo […]

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Shelton teen gets wish to meet inspirational singer Darius Rucker

July 2015

SHELTON, Conn. (July 23, 2015): Whenever Anna May was heading off to another procedure to treat her life-threatening illness, she was always listening to one song: “Wagon Wheel” by country star Darius Rucker. The lyrics could brighten her spirits and give her hope; and now, thanks to children’s charity Kids Wish Network, Anna has renewed […]

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Wish kid Cainan with Dolly Parton

Cainan goes Country With the Incredible Dolly Parton

June 2015

Born at just 29 weeks, Cainan was diagnosed at birth with hydrocephalus, the build-up of too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. At 1 month old, Cainan suffered a stroke after surgery for the hydrocephalus. Then, at 1 year old, Cainan was diagnosed with another illness, cerebral palsy. Currently, Cainan is has physical therapy for […]

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The Man Behind Anna’s Inspiration: Her Wish to Meet Darius Rucker

January 2015

“Anna and Darius talked like next door neighbors” Early in 2014, Anna suddenly began experiencing severe muscle weakness that affected only one side of her body and lost the ability to speak normally. Doctors performed a CAT scan and discovered “patches” of gray shadows in Anna’s brain. Days later, the teen was diagnosed with moyamoya […]

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My Wish to Visit Disney World Came True!

June 2013

“The entire experience was great, everyone involved was fantastic.” At 8 months of age, Ella became inconsolable. She was rushed to the emergency room where doctors quickly prepped Ella for surgery to save her from a hemorrhaging stroke. Six months after that tragic day, she was diagnosed with AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) an abnormal connection between […]

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