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Electronics Fit for One

September 2015

“Her favorite new toy is the BIG TV” Diagnosed at age 7 with Type 1 diabetes, Mary Jane has been hospitalized 10 times. It is extremely important that she closely monitor her blood sugar levels or risk disabling complications that could be life-threatening. At 10 years old, the outgoing youngest of four in her family […]

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Style Icon on the Rise

August 2015

“Daniella was glowing from the whole experience” Daniella was born premature at only 33 weeks and was immediately diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. She required immediate surgery to place shunts in her brain and stayed in the hospital for 8 weeks afterwards. As she got older, doctors realized that Daniella also has scoliosis. She […]

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Chloe Wish Kid

A Camera for Chloe

July 2015

“She was so excited that she burst into happy tears” A five-year-old Chloe went to see the doctor for a sore throat that was quickly diagnosed as strep. However, the doctor was still concerned about Chloe’s health. Blood work showed that her sugar levels were abnormal to the point that she was on the verge […]

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Spectacular Sibling Shopping Spree

April 2015

“The kids got everything they wanted” Wish Kids Jermyriya, Jerziyah and Jaylen were all diagnosed shortly after birth with sickle cell anemia, an inherited disorder that causes the red blood cells to become crescent shaped. The disease prevents blood from flowing easily throughout the body and can cause severe life-threatening complications. All three siblings suffer […]

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All About Amiya- Day of Shopping Fun

April 2015

“Amiya had a great day” In June 2013, Wish Kid Amiya started complaining about pain in her right leg and a lump was discovered. After a biopsy, Amiya was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Doctors performed surgery to remove the tumor and part of her tibia bone, then started Amiya on chemotherapy. […]

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Nick’s Super Shopping Spree

April 2015

“DTLR rocks!” Around Thanksgiving 2014, life for Wish Kid Nick changed forever. After becoming increasingly thirsty and feeling fatigued, doctors discovered Nick’s blood sugar levels tested 100 points above the average. He was then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Nick was immediately admitted to the hospital where it took doctors five days to regulate his […]

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Kenyell’s Fairytale Family Wish

March 2015

“Kenyell and her family had a great day” When Kenyell started suffering from a back ache that wouldn’t go away, doctors began running tests: one discovered her white blood cell count was low; another discovered a tumor in her brain. Kenyell was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a solid cancerous tumor that develops in the nerve tissue, […]

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Arieauna went on a Shopping Spree for her Wish!

September 2013

“It was such a great day, I am so thankful to everyone involved in granting my wish!” At the age of 9, Arieauna suddenly developed severe fatigue and other flu like symptoms. After collapsing and regaining consciousness in the ICU, doctors spent the next 5 days running a battery of tests before diagnosing Arieauna with […]

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