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Colton Anglin

Baby Turns Blue at Birth Due to Lack of Oxygen

February 24th, 2016

“The reversed arteries in his heart put him in cardiorespiratory failure” The sweet sound of an infant’s first cry is one of the happiest moments for new parents. When Colton was born via cesarean section, his mom and dad were robbed of this special gift. The cruel reality was that their baby boy had started […]

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Kids Wish Network & The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis Name October Hero of the Month

November 20th, 2015

“A case of osteomyelitis led to the amputation of Lily’s arm and hand” Lily is a 14 year old girl from Oklahoma who was diagnosed at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis with osteomyelitis. This condition is an infection in the bones in her right arm and hand that traveled through her bloodstream or spread […]

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Fireman Erik to the Rescue

October 23rd, 2015

“He is permanently unable to move or feel his arms and legs” Erik only weighed 1 pound and 8 ounces when he was born at 24 weeks. Hospitalized for a subsequent 3 months, Erik had a shunt placed in his brain to drain excess fluid. Erik has cerebral palsy, and due to the nature of […]

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Wish Kid Bubba and His Incredible Texas Adventure

Wish Kid Bubba and His Incredible Texas Adventure

October 21st, 2015

During a 4th of July celebration, James, or Bubba as he prefers, wasn’t watching fireworks, playing with sparklers, or eating popsicles like most kids his age. He started complaining about not feeling well, and when the symptoms worsened, Bubba was taken to the ER where he was admitted when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He […]

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Daniel’s Ultimate Legoland Experience

August 28th, 2015

“He was having so much fun he didn’t want to leave!” Daniel was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a serious life-threatening condition in which a hole in the diaphragm (the muscle under the lungs that is responsible for breathing) allows abdominal organs to move into the chest, which prevents the lungs from developing […]

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Jamin- Hero of the Month

February 10th, 2015

He suffered through two invasive procedures on his spine Hero of the Month Jamin is a brave and kind 8-year-old boy who suffers from congenital scoliosis. He recently suffered through two invasive procedures on his spine within a single month. The first was to alleviate leg pain and the second was a spinal fusion. He […]

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