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Wish Kid Nicholas

August 2016

Kids Wish Network is hard at work planning an incredible experience for Nicholas; make sure to stay up to date by checking back soon for all of the details of their once-in-a-lifetime wish!  

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Wish kid Makenna waiting on a wish - Kids Wish Network

Makenna’s Dual Diagnosis

July 2016

“Her surgery should have taken 4 hours but ended up taking 14 hours” As the expression goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. In early December 2013, 9-year old Makenna unexpectedly fainted in school so her family took her to their local hospital where she spent the night. Their daughter’s initial tests […]

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Wish kid Camille - Kids Wish Network

Wish Kid Camille Dreams of Meeting a Princess

May 2016

Five year old Camille suffered from severe headaches. A third MRI led to the diagnosis of Moyamoya and Camille’s first brain surgery. Moyamoya is a rare blood vessel disorder in the base of the brain. Learning to adjust to her illness, Camille has both physical and occupational therapy. Camille is a sweet and shy little […]

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Wish Kid Sadie’s Day Is Just Picture Perfect

April 2016

“She still hasn’t put the camera down” Sadie’s family assumed she had a virus when she felt sick to her stomach for a few weeks. She had lost 11 pounds in less than a month. Results of a urine test showed that Sadie had a dangerously large amount of ketones in her body. Blood glucose […]

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Teen Suffers the Trauma of Two Car Accidents

March 2016

“Sarah had to relive the pain all over again” You wouldn’t know it from looking at her now, but 14 year old Sarah was recently in a horrific head on collision. As this is the second car accident that she has experienced in her young life, Sarah was forced to relive the painful trauma and […]

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Hero of the month Macy - Kids Wish network

Severe Pain Leads to Spinal Surgery

March 2016

“Sommer suffered for two years before a doctor discovered the source” Sommer started experiencing severe leg pain when she was eight years old. At first, her symptoms were disregarded as growing pains. She suffered for two years until finally getting a referral to see a specialist. At age 10, Sommer was diagnosed with a birth […]

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Three Year Old’s Intestines Left on the Outside of her Body

March 2016

“Oakleigh was alert even as her surgeon pushed her organs back inside of her over the course of a week” Oakleigh was in a lot of pain when she first arrived at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Several x-rays revealed that she was suffering from a blockage in her bowels. Her doctors performed surgery and discovered that […]

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Wish Kid Allanie - Kids wish network

Wish Kid Allanie’s Great Adventure

March 2016

As a small child, Allanie always had trouble walking and problems with her facial muscles. At age ten, she had a full medical work up that led to her being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles. While there is no cure for muscular dystrophy, medications […]

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