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Wish Kid Layla - Kids Wish Network

Wish Kid Layla Wants to Meet Disney’s Ariel More Than Anything

November 2016

Layla developed a rash around her eye that would not go away. On top of it, she was very tired and weak. These are both primary symptoms of juvenile dermatomyositis, an inflammatory disease of the muscles, skin and blood vessels and Layla’s diagnosis. She receives monthly IVIG treatments and a low dose of daily steroids. […]

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Wish kid Dalaynee waiting on a wish - Kids Wish Network

Dalaynee’s Own Body Fights Against Itself

July 2016

“She is sad not to be able to call the sun her friend” If two-year-old Dalaynee was in the sun for even 10 minutes, she would break out in a severe, welting rash on her face and hands. Her mother thought it was a reaction to the sun and would cover Dalaynee whenever she went […]

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Alexa’s Joint Pain Was Much More Than Eczema

May 2016

A few years ago, Alexa began experiencing rashes on her joints. Her doctors thought it was just eczema and the rash continued. Finally, a specialist was able to diagnose Alexa with juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM). JDM is an inflammatory disease of the muscles, skin, and blood vessels. Primary symptoms are muscle weakness and skin rash. Very […]

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Illinois girl celebrates birthday with Wish trip

December 2014

Aly is braver than anyone I know…

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Alex Dines with Mickey Mouse

June 2014

“Alex made wonderful memories” In September 2013, Alexander came down with an unusual rash on his elbows and started acting strangely. He began experiencing pain in his hips and couldn’t sit up or climb the steps. A visit to his doctor yielded no results until blood work was done for autoimmune disorders. Alexander was finally […]

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