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Wish Kid Sadie’s Day Is Just Picture Perfect

April 13th, 2016

“She still hasn’t put the camera down” Sadie’s family assumed she had a virus when she felt sick to her stomach for a few weeks. She had lost 11 pounds in less than a month. Results of a urine test showed that Sadie had a dangerously large amount of ketones in her body. Blood glucose […]

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Wish Kid Trevor meets Astronaut Ken Cameron

Trevor’s Wish Treats Him to Disney and An Astronaut

April 6th, 2016

In one day, Trevor was so thirsty that he drank eight bottles of water, a pint of milk, a half gallon of iced tea, and a liter of soda. His blood sugar results were so high that they wouldn’t register on the machine’s scale. He had also lost 19 pounds since his last visit. His […]

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Wish Kid MacAdrian’s Adventure to See Her Beloved Princesses, Mermaids, and Fairies

March 23rd, 2016

MacAdrian, affectionately nicknamed “Mackie,” was only two years old when she started displaying symptoms for what her parents would later learn was type 1 diabetes. At one point, her glucose level was a startling 526, more than twice the norm. It took two days to normalize her blood sugar levels and another six days in […]

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Youngest Child in Kansas with Diagnosis

March 22nd, 2016

“Cooper set the state record for being the first reported case of type 1 diabetes before age one” At a mere three months old, Cooper became very sick and appeared more tired than most infants. His abnormal behavior combined with his mystery illness gave his parents cause for concern. When Cooper turned five months old, […]

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Finding a Blood Sugar Balance

January 13th, 2016

“Eli has been known to be hypoglycemic, levels dropping as low as 30” Elijah is a 5-year-old little boy who sometimes sucks his thumb. When his mom noticed that his finger was starting to swell, she took him to the doctor. Elijah was diagnosed with an infection caused by his habitual thumb-sucking and placed on […]

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Wish Kid Bubba and His Incredible Texas Adventure

Wish Kid Bubba and His Incredible Texas Adventure

October 21st, 2015

During a 4th of July celebration, James, or Bubba as he prefers, wasn’t watching fireworks, playing with sparklers, or eating popsicles like most kids his age. He started complaining about not feeling well, and when the symptoms worsened, Bubba was taken to the ER where he was admitted when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He […]

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Kira Green

Kira’s Photo Op

July 14th, 2015

“The new camera and laptop made her cry tears of joy” At 18 months old, Kira displayed symptoms of increasing thirst as well as heavy breathing, prompting her parents to take her to the doctor. Kira was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a chronic condition in which the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. She has […]

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Jayce Berryman

Yankees in Theme Park Paradise

July 7th, 2015

“It was a great experience that we are truly so thankful for” Three years ago, Jayce’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Suddenly, the 5-year-old was faced with radically unstable blood sugar levels, daily injections, and insulin pumps. The life-threatening condition has taken an emotional toll on the […]

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