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Zoe’s Harrowing Case of Hirschsprung’s Disease

May 2016

“She spent her first three months of life in the NICU” Newborn Zoe was rushed back to the hospital by her concerned parents a mere 24 hours after her initial release when she started vomiting and had still yet to pass her first bowel movement. She spent four days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit […]

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Micah’s Missing Intestines

January 2016

“Due to Hirschsprung’s Disease, he has a central line to feed him fluids 12 hours a day” When Micah was born, doctors said he wouldn’t live past 3 or 4 years old. He was diagnosed with short-gut syndrome, which is characterized by missing sections of the intestine. As a result, the body cannot absorb enough […]

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Max’s Mickey Mouse Fantasy is Fulfilled

October 2015

“This experience provided him with happy memories that will last a lifetime” On New Year’s Day, newborn Max was rushed back to the hospital by his concerned parents. Max was spitting up, hadn’t had his first bowel movement, and had a distended belly. Placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, doctors inserted an internal colon […]

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Omar – Hero of the Month

January 2015

December 2014 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Omar has faced medical struggles since birth. The 5-year-old suffers from Hirschsprung’s disease, a congenital condition that affects the large intestine. In June 2014, Omar was admitted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio to undergo multiple invasive procedures. He was discharged home, which is out of state, after a week […]

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