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Teen Experiences Severe Abdominal Pain for Months without Answers

February 2016

“Ireland’s delayed diagnosis led to a heart murmur” In the seventh grade, Ireland started experiencing severe abdominal pain. Ireland’s modest personality kept her from telling her parents right away about the symptoms she was displaying., Ireland’s aunt noticed how pale her niece, who had been keeping her pain quiet for four whole months, appeared and […]

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Maddy’s D.C. Dream Come True

January 2015

“Maddy was a happy, happy kid” Diagnosed at 2 years old, Wish Kid Maddy faces a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis which disturbs cell growth in the nervous systems and causes tumors to form on tissue. Her diagnosis revealed tumors all over her body, including behind both of her eyes; attempting to remove them could cause […]

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Jacari does “the robot” with Transformers

January 2015

Jacari suffers from a severe heart defect Wish Kid Jacari is an intelligent 11-year-old who does his best to enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes for Jacari though, that is easier said than done. Jacari suffers from a life-threatening illness and has undergone four major surgeries in his short life. Jacari was diagnosed at an […]

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Magical Wish Trip for a Miraculous Wish Kid

December 2014

“Claudia was so excited to meet Mr. SquarePants” Wish Kid Claudia’s medical journey is nothing but miraculous. At just 4 months old, Claudia fell into cardiac arrest and was diagnosed with severe dilated cardiomyopathy. With just days to live, a surgeon performed an experimental surgery that gave her enough time to await a heart transplant. […]

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Olivia’s Disney Dream Comes True

September 2014

“Olivia had a wonderful time” Olivia was born 5 weeks early and diagnosed immediately with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that results in varied symptoms. This disorder, however, was not what put Olivia’s life in danger. First, she was diagnosed as failure to thrive, meaning her weight gain was significantly lower than others her age, […]

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