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wish kid allison on her Key West travel wish

Wish Kid Allison Took in the Spectacular Beauty of Key West on Her Forever Wish

May 2016

“Allison tells everyone about her wish and about how special she felt” Only a few hours after Allison was born, her parents discovered that she could not tolerate formula. Weeks later, doctors reported that she was suffering from severe reflux, necessitating an NG tube and diagnosed her with failure to thrive. At that point, she […]

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Mathew says “Ka-Chow” with Disney’s “Cars”

May 2014

“Mathew loved the “Cars” experience” Mathew entered the world through a traumatic, emergency surgery and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after. Caused by an insult to the developing brain, cerebral palsy causes impaired movement throughout the body. Mathew also had issues getting the nutrients his growing body needed; he would vomit up every type […]

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