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Wish kid Cainan with Dolly Parton

Cainan goes Country With the Incredible Dolly Parton

June 2015

Born at just 29 weeks, Cainan was diagnosed at birth with hydrocephalus, the build-up of too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. At 1 month old, Cainan suffered a stroke after surgery for the hydrocephalus. Then, at 1 year old, Cainan was diagnosed with another illness, cerebral palsy. Currently, Cainan is has physical therapy for […]

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Kids Wish Network Wish Kid meets Dolly Parton on Dollywood wish

May 2014

HEDGESVILLE, W.V.: When Austin Collis of Hedgesville, W.V., heard about the new Dollywood rollercoaster, the Firechaser Express, he set his sights on experiencing the thrill for himself. And thanks to Florida-based children’s charity Kids Wish Network, Austin not only got to conquer the ride, but he also got to spend quality time with Dolly Parton […]

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Spending time with Dolly Parton: Austin’s Dollywood wish

October 2013

“Austin was so excited to meet Dolly in person.” Austin is an exceptional 11-year-old who has a fierce sense of adventure despite his life-threatening condition. Diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system, Austin suffers through four sets of treatments every day. Cystic fibrosis causes mucus […]

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Celebrity Wishes Changing Lives: Dolly Parton

January 2012

Who’s excited to see Joyful Noise this weekend? It stars Queen Latifah and the fabulous Dolly Parton, so you can bet we’re excited! The film tells a story about a small town choir aiming to win the National Joyful Noise Competition. Comprised of emotion, tension, laughter, and (of course) music… it looks like a fun […]

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Dolly Makes Child’s Dream Come True

October 2010

WESTLAND, Mich. – When Brenda asked her daughter Amanda what she wanted if she could have any wish, Brenda already knew that Amanda would say she’d want to meet country star Dolly Parton.   “Amanda just thinks the woman is amazing.  She always has.  She loves her music, her literacy program and all she does,” […]

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I Got to Meet Dolly Parton!

August 2010

Name: Amanda Age: 12 State: MI After years of headaches and dizzy spells, 12-year-old Amanda was diagnosed with Chiari malformation and syringomyelia.  This is an illness in which her brain intrudes on the spinal column causing extreme pressure to build on her spine. Amanda has fluid-filled cavities in her spinal column, which increases the pressure […]

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