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Wish kid Quentin - Kids Wish Network

Wish Kid Quentin Is Headed to the Slopes

May 2016

Quentin is the kind of kid that loves school and would never miss a day. He started to complain about daily headaches, but passed it off as seasonal allergies. But then, Quentin was too sick to go to school. A CAT scan gave the devastating reason for the headaches. Quentin had a brain tumor, and […]

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Wish Kid Christina as a princess - Kids Wish Network

Wish Kid Christina is a Princess For a Day in San Francisco

January 2016

At age five, Christina began having persistent headaches and felt nauseated and fatigued for two weeks straight. Doctors performed an MRI and results showed a fast-growing and high-grade tumor located in her cerebellum, a stage IV Medulloblastoma. Over time, Christina has endured surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy as treatment. She is a shy and creative girl, […]

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Male Stars Who Were Bullied

December 2015

“From Victims to A-List Celebrities: Beating the Bullying Culture Part 2” Bullying transcends demographic barriers, gender included. No one is immune, not even celebrities. Emotional or physical in nature, the pain that follows the abuse takes its toll on the victim. You can’t control what other kids do or say, but you can control how […]

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Colby Wished for a Basketball Court!

July 2012

“You really have no idea how much joy this has brought Colby!” In 2009, Colby began having severe headaches. Thinking he was suffering from migraines his doctors gave him an MRI and discovered a tumor on his brain stem. Believing it to be malignant, he was rushed into surgery where they found it was too […]

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