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Brownfield, Texas
Each year hundreds of thousands of children across the United States deal with the harsh circumstances relating to abuse, abandonment, neglect and illnesses. This is even more prevalent in areas with high percentages of families living at or below the poverty level. According to the 2009 U.S. census, nearly 45% of children under the age of 18 in the city of Brownfield, Texas were living under these circumstances and their basic needs were not being met. Because of this, Kids Wish Network On Tour wants to reach out to these children and bring some much-needed joy into their lives.

In 2012, Kids Wish Network On Tour stopped in Brownfield, Texas to bring truckloads of toys, clothes, necessities, educational products and much more to the thousands of deserving children in the area.* Working in conjunction with Mayor Bob Simpson and the Brownfield Police Department, Kids Wish Network On Tour is sure to reach out to the children who need the most help.

Through this Kids Wish Network On Tour event, the children of Brownfield were given a chance to smile and enjoy some positive interaction with their local city officials and law enforcement that will touch their lives and may change the course of their uncertain futures for the better.
Danville, Illinois
With today’s difficult economic climate, families living in every state are struggling with job losses, home foreclosures and financial decline. One state in which the families have been hit extremely hard is Illinois.

When these families are hit with such massive hardships, it is difficult to provide necessities for their children, let alone toys and games. Unfortunately, when such hardships are being faced, this is when children need the joy and laughter the most.

According to recent publications, the youngest children in Illinois are most likely to face the hardships of poverty and the problem is likely to keep growing. It is estimated that nearly one of every four children in Illinois suffer from the effects of poverty. A spokesperson for a local advocacy group stated that, “It’s really a tough time to be a kid.” This is where Kids Wish Network On Tour will help by providing comfort to the children in foster homes, abuse shelters and group homes, as well as those children still living with families struggling to overcome economic hardships.
Gallup, New Mexico
Kids Wish Network On Tour is proud of its ability to work with police officers, mayors and other community leaders to reach out to the children most in need of assistance. This is especially true in Gallup, New Mexico, where these officials face firsthand the unfortunate side effects of high rates of poverty, including homelessness, illnesses, child abuse and neglect.

Kids Wish Network On Tour stopped in Gallup, New Mexico to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of children in need by delivering truckloads of toys, clothes, necessities, educational products and much more. These items will be given out throughout the day and, by sunset, the city was glowing with the radiant smiles of happy children and grateful families.

Not only did this On Tour event help bring joy to thousands of children and their families, but it will helped to foster a positive relationship between these deserving children and their community leaders – something that is sure to have a beneficial effect on their futures.
Madisonville, Tennessee
According to a division of the U.S. Census Bureau, there are almost 5,000 people living in the rural areas of Madisonville, Tennessee. Of these, they estimate that there are close to 600 children under the age of 18; over 100 of these are displaced children living in foster homes.

Many of these displaced children are victims of abuse and neglect, placed into foster care to protect them from the adults who should have cared for them. Unfortunately, these children are removed from familiar, although harsh, surroundings and put into completely unfamiliar situations. They are scared, confused, lost and there is not much for them to smile about; Kids Wish Network On Tour wants to change this.

In addition to the unfamiliarity of their new situations, these children may also begin to harbor feelings of distrust towards the police officers and other officials who removed them from their familiar surroundings and placed them into foster care. Here is where Kids Wish Network On Tour was able to help. By providing at-risk children with the necessities they need and deserve, along with the opportunity for positive interaction with volunteers from local law enforcement, fire protection other city officials, these children were given the tools and the opportunity for a better, brighter future.
Yazoo City, Mississippi
In April of 2011, Yazoo City was hit by the largest tornado to ever rip through Mississippi. Winds were clocked up to 170 miles per hour during the storm and several people were killed while many others were seriously injured. The tornado was the worst natural disaster to hit Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina.
Just as the area was starting to move forward, two more tornadoes struck; the first touched down right outside city limits and the second tore through downtown Yazoo City. Almost every family was affected and they have been struggling ever since.

Families facing situations that were almost unbearable before the storms are now facing almost incalculable difficulties in regaining their footing. With these added burdens, the children in Yazoo City are finding less to hang onto to keep their little spirits lifted; which is where Kids Wish Network On Tour comes in.
Across the country, Kids Wish Network On Tour brings “miles of smiles” to at-risk children whose lives have been severely affected by neglect, abuse, homelessness and other life-altering circumstances. The children of Yazoo City are in desperate need of something to brighten their days and Kids Wish Network On Tour is honored to help.

48,632 kids helped this last fiscal year through our many programs and services.

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