My Champion

“First-time author and illustrator Susan Carnes has crafted a refreshingly honest and tender story of a lonely young girl and her horse searching for, and finding, their identities in a small island community. Carnes’ rich, colorful illustrations weave together the story with her own obvious profound passion for our natural environment. Upbeat and inspiring, this book speaks to young girls everywhere with kindness and understanding.”

— Maureen Dietrich, Editor, Pacific Pearl Magazine.

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My Champion Book

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Set on an island in the Salish Sea north of Puget Sound, My Champion is a picture book that speaks through the power of dreams, the spirits of the ocean and sky, and the many creatures who share our world.

Infused with archetypes, symbols, and lyrical language, the soul of this book runs deep. Its primary message is that our desires often blind us to the treasures that we already possess, and that nature stands ready to open our eyes to the bounty that surrounds us. We are all welcome to enroll in the school of the wild, where nature’s wisdom is imparted and we may learn that we are not, after all, alone.

My Champion is a story understood by every child who has wished upon a star or built castles in the sand. The lavish illustrations reach beyond words, creating a book to treasure. The writing, poetic and rich in imagery, speaks to all ages. It is a coming-of-age story that evokes memories of bygone times that grandparents will want to share with their grandchildren. Parents who cherish both the old ways and the new will enjoy reading this book with their children.

This journey abounds with poetry, philosophy, and true-life adventure. It is a guide for finding one’s own path through self-discovery, cultivating family roots, connecting to community, building self-esteem, exploring the natural world, and learning from the school of the wild.

– Susan Carnes, author and illustrator of My Champion.

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