Granted Wish

Wish Kid Melinda with US Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles

Wish Kid Melinda Met Her Gymnastics Olympic Heroes

November 2016

“They all gathered around her and talked with her and signed pictures for her” As Chicagoan Wish Kid Melinda Ortega grew, so did her passion for gymnastics, training 25 hours a week and dreaming of one day being an Olympian in the trapeze. Unfortunately, that all came to a stop when she was diagnosed with […]

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Wish Kid Savannah’s Very Own VIP Shopping Experience

Wish Kid Savannah Had a VIP Shopping Experience of a Lifetime

November 2016

“She feels on top of the world; she is just happy” When Savannah was just a little girl, her mom noticed that her daughter seemed to often stare into space. An EEG showed that Savannah was having seizures. Doctors have yet to find the right medication to even slow down the number of seizures Savannah […]

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Wish kid Carlos - Kids Wish Network

Wish Kid Carlos’ Get-Away Shopping Spree Wish

August 2016

“Carlos’ fun-filled day shopping with his family” Doctors noted a heart murmur when Carlos was born, but he went on to lead a relatively healthy life until he was eight years old. Overnight, everything changed. Carlos was diagnosed with a right coronary artery anomaly (CAA), a congenital defect that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. […]

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Will and Tom Brady from the New England Patriots Wish

Wish Kid Will Spent Time With One of the Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

July 2016

“Tom Brady …the highlight of the visit!” After helping win his state’s high school championship football game, Will injured his knee. Fluid was drained, rehab commenced, and this sports fanatic was quickly back doing what he loves – indulging in yet another sport, running for the track team. Like an annoying boomerang, his knee pain […]

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Wish Kid Morgan - Kids Wish Network

Morgan’s Wish to Meet a Princess is Granted

May 2016

When Morgan was two years old, a blood sugar test showed that her glucose level was a startling 600, three times the norm. She now uses a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to check her glucose levels 24 hours a day through a sensor that connects to an insulin pump. The CGM will give Morgan early […]

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wish kid allison on her Key West travel wish

Wish Kid Allison Took in the Spectacular Beauty of Key West on Her Forever Wish

May 2016

“Allison tells everyone about her wish and about how special she felt” Only a few hours after Allison was born, her parents discovered that she could not tolerate formula. Weeks later, doctors reported that she was suffering from severe reflux, necessitating an NG tube and diagnosed her with failure to thrive. At that point, she […]

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Gabby meeting Alicia Keys on NBC's The Voice

Wish Kid Gabriella’s Dream Came True – Sitting Front Row at The Voice’s Performance Finale

May 2016

“Gabriella was wide eyed, jaw dropped, and full of excitement” Gabriella or “Bella” as she prefers was only two weeks old when testing showed blockage of her biliary ducts and that most of the organs of her digestive system were “flipped’. She had to have a surgical bypass procedure to prevent liver damage. Unfortunately, a […]

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Kristian on his VIP Shopping Experience

An Asus Gaming Laptop for Wish Kid and Computer Genius Kristian

April 2016

After experiencing relentless abdominal pain, Kristian was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may lead to life-threatening complications of the digestive system. As a result, it is difficult for Kristian’s body to absorb enough nutrients to keep him well nourished. He must supplement his diet with nutritional meal replacement shakes […]

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