The Power of The Guardian Angel Coin

What is the Guardian Angel Coin?

Years ago, as a token of appreciation to supporters of our cause, we designed a coin to serve as a memento of their kindness.

We soon learned from those that had received the coin that it was even more special than we could have ever imagined…

Read some of the amazing stories that owners of the coin have shared with us!

Guardian Angel Coin Helps the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win the Super Bowl

The Power of the Guardian Angel Coin

Wish Kid Jake dreamed of meeting the Tampa Bay Buccaneer NFL football team. During the wish, Jake proudly shared Guardian Angel coins with each Buccaneer. He then proclaimed to Coach John Gruden and the team, “If you keep these coins you will win the Super Bowl”. At that time, there were eight games left in the season, and as history books show, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went on that year to win the Super Bowl. We have been told that many of the players still cherish their coins.

Guardian Angel Coin Saves Teen in Serious Car Accident

The Power of the Guardian Angel Coin

Included with a donation was a letter from one of our donors in Pennsylvania. She wrote about a serious car accident her son had been in the week before when he lost control of his car in the rain and ran head-on into a telephone pole. The car was destroyed but fortunately, her son suffered no serious injuries. When his parents went the next day to retrieve their son’s personal belongings out of the totaled vehicle, they couldn’t believe he had survived the devastation of the accident. The father noticed a shiny object on the driver’s floorboard. He picked it up to discover one of Kids Wish Network’s Guardian Angel coins. The boy’s parents were convinced that it had saved their son. To this day no one knows where the coin came from or how it got in the car.

Guardian Angel Coin Helps NASCAR Driver Win First Place

The Power of the Guardian Angel Coin

Meeting a NASCAR idol is often the subject of our wish kids’ dreams. Wish Kid Jonathon wanted to meet NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson. During the meeting, Jimmie and Jonathon enjoyed time together discussing the upcoming week’s race and inspecting the car that Jimmie would be driving that week. As a token of thanks, Jonathon gave a Guardian Angel coin to Mr. Johnson who placed it in the car he would be driving in his next race. As the end of the race loomed, Jimmie was in fourth place with no apparent chance of winning. A series of events involving all three lead cars at the last minute catapulted Jimmie into a first place finish along with our Guardian Angel coin!

Guardian Angel Coin Protects Heroes in Iraq

The Power of the Guardian Angel Coin

One sponsor who is always there for our Wish Kids is The Atlanta Motor Speedway. Each time our Wish Kids attend races at the racetrack, they assign Track Ambassadors to ensure a great time and to escort them through restricted areas. During one of the wishes, an ambassador reached in his pocket and pulled out a dull, old Guardian Angel coin given to him at the first wish he had ever done. As a member of our proud military, he had been deployed to Iraq twice. He carried the coin with him both times and had even given it to another ambassador to carry with her when she went to Iraq. Both returned safely from the war zone and were present for this special day of wishes. They both said that they felt the coin had help to protect them. Needless to say, they each have their own, bright new shiny coin!

Many individuals have reported similar stories evidencing the true power the acts of kindness represented by our Guardian Angel coin can bring. This coin is our gift to you. If you have a special story about your coin, we would love to hear about it. Please email your story to

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