Kids Wish Network has been easing the pain and suffering of children for several years. We feel extremely fortunate that we have been able to receive countless testimonials and thank you letters throughout the years from health professionals, child advocates, families, and even sponsors. Their kind words are the best gifts we can receive. Please take a moment and read a few of them. We hope they touch your hearts as much as they have touched ours.

Facility Testimonials Wish Testimonials
When a child’s wish is granted, we often receive thanks from their family and friends. Sometimes, the Wish Kid will send us a very heartfelt thank you in their own words, telling everyone how much fun they had while on their wish and how much the wish meant to him or her. Read Wish Testimonials.

Our Hero of the Month program has made many wonderful differences in the lives of children who have suffered through life-altering circumstances nationwide. Here, you can read how this program helps these children from the testimonials of the child care specialists who witness these miracles every month. Read Facility Testimonials.

Hero of the Month Testimonials
Being honored as a “Hero of the Month” helps make difficult situations better for plenty of kids across the nation. For a glimpse into the joy that this program brings to these children, you can read the thanks we’ve received from the families of “Hero” kids and even some “Hero” kids themselves. Read Hero of the Month Testimonials.

Guardian Angel Testimonials
Kids Wish Network’s “Guardian Angels” are the companies and individuals who have generously donated their products, assistance and services in order to help us bring joy to deserving children across the United States. These testimonials have been written by our “Guardian Angels” to let us know how happy they have been to assist us in fulfilling our mission. Read Guardian Angel Testimonials.

Holiday of Hope Testimonials Our Holiday of Hope Gift Bank Program was designed to bring happiness and smiles to children in care facilities such as hospitals and shelters, and that’s just what it does. These testimonials have been given to us by the child care specialists and program directors who have witnessed the joy that the Holiday of Hope Gift Bank Program brings, firsthand. Read Holiday of Hope Testimonials.

48,632 kids helped this last fiscal year through our many programs and services.

Our Mission

Kids Wish Network is a charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations. Kids Wish Network assists children and their families through several key programs.