Holiday of Hope Gift Bank FAQ

Do you have any information about recalled toys?
Kids Wish Network can assure our wish families and Holiday of Hope Gift Bank member hospitals that anytime a recall occurs, and we have the recalled product in our inventory, it is immediately pulled.
Does your Gift Bank include toys manufactured in China?
Approximately 80% of all toys coming into the U.S. are manufactured in China. Therefore, a similar percentage of our inventory is produced there.
How does a facility become a member of the Holiday of Hope Gift Bank program?
Contact Kids Wish Network at 888-918-9004 and ask to speak to a hospital coordinator.
How many toys can a Gift Bank facility expect to receive?
This depends upon the size of the facility, your pediatric census and the amount of available storage space. In general, the amount of toys received in the Gift Bank last from 6-12 months.
Is there a cost to the hospital?
There is no cost to the facility to receive a Gift Bank. However, we may seek sponsorship to underwrite the costs of shipping and handling of this program.
May we share the toys with other facilities?
The toys belong to Kids Wish Network until they are placed into the hands of the child. That is why the program is called a "Gift Bank". Therefore the toys must remain to be distributed only within the contracted facility.
What age groups do you include in the Gift Banks?
Our Gift Banks include toys targeted to children between 3 and 12. Upon request and if available, we will send toys for infants and teenagers up to the age of 18.
Where do you get your toys for the Gift Banks?
Our toys are all brand new, top of the line products donated to Kids Wish Network by some of America's leading toy manufacturers and distributors.

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