Knee Injury Turns Into Life-Altering Situation

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“Senior Year Surprises Can’t Sideline This Sports Fan”

After helping win his state’s high school championship football game, Will injured his knee. Fluid was drained, rehab commenced, and this sports fanatic was quickly back doing what he loves – indulging in yet another sport, running for the track team. Like an annoying boomerang, his knee pain returned, and this time, the x-ray indicated a stress fracture. To be certain, however, Will had an MRI which uncovered a VERY serious diagnosis: osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that starts in the bones but can quickly spread throughout the body.

Despite undergoing three rounds of chemotherapy at Mayo Clinic, his cancer could not be stopped. His left leg required amputation above the knee, an unimaginable blow to this multi-sport athlete. Although his medical status continued to be grim several months later when it was discovered that his cancer had now spread to his shoulder, he never let his spirits get down. Surgeons attempted to remove the cancer and ordered another round of chemo. Assuming the news would be better this time, another scan was performed. Unfortunately, the spot on his shoulder had grown once again. Surgeons want Will to keep the use of his arm, so they have now started Will on a different type of treatment: proton radiation therapy.

Will is hopeful that his next test results will have a better outcome. Despite the tremendous setbacks he experienced during his senior year of high school, he attended as many football (and basketball) games as he could still enjoy them as a spectator, and he even helped coach some members of his track team when they needed his help. Although he initially wanted to join the Air Force like his parents and brother did, this motivated young man will no doubt find some other way to match his fortitude and fun-loving spirit with a career in which he can make additional contributions.

In the meantime, Kids Wish Network is hard at work planning a much-deserved sport-related wish for William; check back for more details about his wish!


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