Baylee’s Struggle with Diabetic Ketoacidosis


“The danger in diabetic ketoacidosis is that it can lead to a diabetic coma and even death”

It was extremely abnormal for Baylee to appear lethargic or for her to tire easily. The once active and healthy young girl was also frequently getting sick. After a visit to her doctor, blood work confirmed that Baylee was suffering from type 1 diabetes. This chronic condition occurs when the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone needed to allow sugar (glucose) to enter the cells to produce energy. Baylee was admitted to the hospital, where she received inpatient care for five days as her doctors worked hard to regulate her blood sugar levels via IV fluids. Unfortunately, Baylee has returned to the hospital ICU several times since her initial diagnosis because her glucose levels have plummeted (hypoglycemia), causing her to vomit and sending her body into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a serious complication that occurs when the body produces high levels of blood acids called ketones. Without enough insulin, the body begins to break down fat as fuel. This process produces a buildup of acids (keytones) in the bloodstream. DKA usually develops slowly, but when vomiting occurs, this life-threatening condition can develop in a mere few hours. The danger in diabetic ketoacidosis is that it can lead to a diabetic coma and even death. The rapid drop in her blood sugar has also caused Baylee to suffer from seizures.

Now, Baylee must check her blood sugar before she eats and take a shot of insulin. Adjusting to life with a serious illness has not been easy for Baylee, and her family is hoping to get a diabetic alert dog to assist Baylee with managing her glucose levels.

Baylee is a determined, kind, and outgoing 13-year-old with a lot of friends. She loves to learn and dreams of pursuing a career in medicine so that she can help others. Her favorite subjects in school are reading and writing. When her homework is finished, Baylee likes watching Fuller House and shopping at TJ Maxx.

Kids Wish Network is hard at work planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Baylee; make sure to stay up to date by checking back soon for all of the magical details of her enchanting wish!


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