Austin is Honored as Kids Wish Network and SNAPS, Inc.’s Hero of the Month


“Being named Hero made him feel like he was on top of the world”

Austin had a rough start in life. The 10-year-old experienced a lot of trauma in his early years, but has made tremendous progress with the help of a caring team of individuals that work with him. He responds well to kindness and a listening ear. Despite the harsh situations that Austin was exposed to as a small child, he has grown to be a compassionate little boy full of hope and dreams for the future.

Austin wants to live on a ranch or a farm one day so he can work and play with animals like the horses and chickens that he so adores. He muses about maybe even owning a dog. Austin would like to have the responsibility of caring for these creatures. He is happiest when he is outside in the fresh air and among nature. Austin enjoys building things and exploring the great outdoors. He is ready for an adoptive family to love him unconditionally and is looking for his forever home.

Austin deserves the title of “Hero of the Month” because of the incredible strides he has made in preparing to become part of an adoptive family. He loves superheroes and is waiting on a pair of real-life superheroes to call mom and dad. According to his adoption recruiter, upon receiving his Hero award Austin couldn’t contain his excitement and felt “on top of the world.” He “proudly showed everyone he saw his Hero shirt and told them why he was wearing it.”

It is with great pleasure that we honor Austin by recognizing him as Kid’s Wish Network’s along with SNAPS, Inc.’s Hero of the Month. Congratulations, Austin!

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