William – Hero of the Month


“Boosting the confidence of a boy who struggles so much just to fit in”

William was born with short limb dwarfism caused by the genetic condition achondroplasia, a kind of skeletal dysplasia characterized by abnormal bone growth. People with short-limb dwarfism have an average-sized trunk but shortened arms and legs. William has had severe difficulty using his left arm and has undergone countless hours of physical therapy over the years to help him do as much as he can with his left hand and arm. William also has a curvature of the spine, a common complication of dwarfism that required him to wear a brace at intervals to help keep the issue from worsening. Recently suffering from balance problems, William has been attending physical therapy sessions to help him become more stable on his feet.

A cheerful 7-year-old with a heartwarming smile, William also has an independent spirit and a wicked sense of humor. William uses his animated personality to add a little fun to his therapy sessions. According to his physical therapist, “the staff really enjoys his visits” and looks forward to spending time with such a dedicated and “strong willed hard worker.”

After receiving his award, William has shown more self-assurance and less anxiety. He tries his very best to overcome his physical weaknesses and shares his exciting news of becoming a Hero with everyone he comes across. The boundless joy that being named a Hero brought William is something his mother Natalie will never forget. She says the Hero program is “a fantastic way to boost the confidence of a boy who struggles so much just to fit in.”

It is with great pleasure that we honor William’s perseverance and determination by recognizing him as Kid’s Wish Network’s along with Shriners Children’s Hospital – Erie’s Hero of the Month. Congratulations, William!

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