Fireman Erik to the Rescue

Erik Ford

“He is permanently unable to move or feel his arms and legs”

Erik only weighed 1 pound and 8 ounces when he was born at 24 weeks. Hospitalized for a subsequent 3 months, Erik had a shunt placed in his brain to drain excess fluid. Erik has cerebral palsy, and due to the nature of his illness, he is also a quadriplegic, meaning he is permanently unable to move or feel his arms and legs.

Erik has had multiple surgeries; one surgery to place a feeding tube and another to make his neck straighter. Erik’s head tilts up and back because of his condition, and he cannot straighten his neck. After surgery, a mishap in rehabilitation care with the brace on his head caused Erik to develop a hole in his head, which in turn caused him to start having seizures. He also has sleep apnea, prompting him to wear a CPAP mask at night, and glaucoma for which he wears glasses. He cannot walk and is confined to a wheelchair, but he is able to talk and comprehend. A homebound teacher visits Erik three days a week, and he has a nurse 5 days a week for 8 hours a day.

Erik is a film fanatic and loves watching television. He is a big Disney movie buff and enjoys catching the latest Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game on TV. Erik is a friendly, respectful, and caring teenager who dreams of becoming a fireman dispatcher when he grows up.

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