Kori Lynne – Hero of the Month

kori lynne

“I’m okay; I just need a Band-Aid”

It was the first day of summer school when 6 year old Kori was struck by a car on her way to pick up her older sister from the bus stop. Behind the bus, Kori was in the other driver’s blind spot as the vehicle was coming towards her from the other direction.

The incident left Kori with extensive road rash, two substantially swollen knees and elbows and difficulty walking. Rushed to Nebraska Medicine in Omaha, Kori was treated for her injuries. It was pretty scary,” Kori told her Child Life Specialist, but at the time of the accident, Kori bravely announced “I’m okay; I just need a Band-Aid.” This strong little girl has a high pain threshold and only spent 24 hours in the hospital despite her injuries.

Kori is a gregarious and happy child who enjoys playing outside with friends and her beloved sister. With her go-getter attitude, we have no doubt she will be back on the swing-set and monkey bars in no time.

Kids Wish Network is proud to announce Kori as both our and Nebraska Medicine’s hero of the month! Congratulations Kori!

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