Kallie – Hero of the Month

kallie peck

“She is very giggly, smiley, and resilient”

At the age of 3, Kallie suffered from a very painful medical emergency. Kallie’s appendix burst, and doctors immediately wheeled her into surgery to do damage control. They made an incision into her abdomen to remove Kallie’s appendix and washed out the surrounding infection. Kallie’s ruptured appendix also required an NG tube to be placed in her abdomen to help clean out the infected area. This process lasted three days, and once the tube was removed, Kallie required continuous IV antibiotics for even longer. In total, Kallie was not able to have anything to eat or drink for four consecutive days.

Kallie’s nominating Child Life Specialist describes her as being “very giggly” and as “always having a smile on her face.” Kallie also took full advantage of the hospital’s pediatric playroom, where she loved to bring her princess dolls and paint her nails.

While her physical health has improved since the surgery, Kallie is still afraid of needles. Knowing that she was being recognized as a Hero of the Month for being so brave during her stay at Mercy Children’s Hospital was exactly what Kallie needed to hear to brighten her spirits. Winning her hero award made Kallie “very happy and excited,” said her mom, Lindsy. Her family is so “grateful that Kallie was chosen,” and thinks that “this program is amazing to offer to children,” she continued. Kallie’s nominating Child Life Specialist noted that “overall, Kallie was very resilient!”

It is with great pleasure that Kids Wish Network and Mercy Children’s Hospital honor Kallie’s bravery by recognizing her as Hero of the Month! Congratulations Kallie!

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