Making Leah’s Dream Come True

Leah Berthiaume

“Leah had inpatient chemotherapy treatments for five months”

Just last year, Wish Kid Leah was ready to start a brand new chapter in her life, but in November, a life-threatening medical diagnosis changed everything. After feeling ill for a few weeks and suffering from fatigue, Leah visited a local medical center. The nurse immediately told Leah to head to ER where doctors ran multiple tests and blood work.

Doctors quickly decided that Leah need to be transferred to yet another hospital, where an oncologist was ready to take her case. At this point, Leah and her family had not yet received a diagnosis so news that an oncologist needed to see her made something seemingly minor turn suddenly very serious. Leah was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the bone marrow.

At the latest hospital, Leah started an inpatient chemotherapy treatment plan. The teen spent five months in her hospital room undergoing four rounds of the harrowing treatment. Doctors also wanted to do a bone marrow transplant to see if Leah could get better faster, but couldn’t find a suitable match. Thankfully, the chemotherapy seemed to work on its own and Leah was declared in remission.

Although she’s out of the hospital, Leah still needs to undergo monthly blood checks to make sure the cancer isn’t returning. Leah is a bright and optimistic young lady who won’t let cancer beat her. She loves sports, especially the Patriots and Brewers, and can’t wait to travel the world.

KWN is busy planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Leah- check back later to find out how we’ll make her dream come true!

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