Andrew- Hero of the Month

Andrew Hernandez - January-3

“Andrew immediately started asking questions”

Andrew was admitted to White Memorial Medical Center for appendicitis. Right away, the staff knew he wasn’t like the average 5-year-old. Although he appeared frightened, Andrew immediately started asking questions about his situation.

“Are you giving me a shot? Are you the doctor? How will you fix my tummy?” he asked.

For a child his age, the medical team did not expect such inquiry. After his Child Life Team explained what to expect in upcoming hours, Andrew responded well by asking questions and coping positively. He even seemed more relaxed than his parents.

After the surgery, Andrew proudly displayed his incision site, openly shared the fear he felt during the procedure, and then calmly asked to visit the playroom.

Andrew Hernandez - January-r

The staff at White Memorial Medical Center was so impressed by Andrew and his bravery; and KWN is proud to honor him as a Hero of the Month along with them!

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