Ja’Von’s grand visit to the Grand Canyon

Ja'von Brown

“Ja’Von experiences pain every day”

Diagnosed after birth with sickle cell anemia, experiencing daily pain is just one symptom that Wish Kid Ja’Von battles. His life-threatening condition causes the blood cells to become crescent shaped, which can then slow or block blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. The hereditary blood disorder can lead to stroke, frequent infections, chronic pain and renal failure.

By the time Ja’Von was 5 years old, the disease had already damaged his spleen beyond repair and doctors were forced to remove it. The 15-year-old still fights frequent infections and is admitted to the hospital usually two to three times every month. He’s suffered through four full blood transfusions and takes multiple daily medications to control the symptoms of his disease.

Ja’Von also has severe asthma, and must be extremely careful when participating in physical activity. Both of his conditions have prevented him from playing sports like the rest of his friends; a restriction that has been hard for Ja’Von to cope with. The teen is still an avid sports fan, but spends a lot that time watching from the sidelines.

Growing up in D.C., Ja’Von has always known the “city life” and is excited to visit somewhere very different. Kids Wish Network can’t wait to grant his wish for a desert experience in Phoenix with a fun trip to the Grand Canyon! Get ready for some brand-new scenery Ja’Von!

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