All About Amiya- Day of Shopping Fun

Amiya Moore

“Amiya had a great day”

In June 2013, Wish Kid Amiya started complaining about pain in her right leg and a lump was discovered. After a biopsy, Amiya was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the tumor and part of her tibia bone, then started Amiya on chemotherapy. After only a few weeks of the toxic treatment, Amiya was suffering severely from the side effects. The little girl couldn’t keep food down and was extremely weak, so doctors switched her to blood transfusions.

Only a few months later, doctors had to perform surgery once again to remove the rest of the tumor and shinbone. Amiya was given a donor tibia bone, held in place with two plates and 13 screws. Amiya completed six months of another round of chemotherapy treatment. She then had to spend another few months re-learning how to walk.

The 6-year-old still faces complications with her donor bone; it grows faster than the rest of her body. She had another surgery in December 2014 to correct the difference and will probably need more surgeries in the future. The chemotherapy treatments also affected her vision, speech, and hearing; Amiya wears glasses, hearing aids, and attends speech therapy classes as a result.

Despite her cancer diagnosis, painful surgeries, and other medical struggles, Amiya is a bubbly and fun little girl who loves to be the center of attention. KWN couldn’t wait to grant Amiya an ultimate shopping spree for her favorite “My Little Pony” toys and create a day dedicated just to her. Amiya had great fun on her shopping spree and enjoyed all the attention.

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