Xakkary- Hero of the Month


He was admitted for a severe and rare case of pneumonia

After spending over 18 days at BSA Health System hospital in Texas, 3-year-old Xakkary demonstrated bravery many, many times. He was admitted for a severe and rare case of pneumonia that required multiple procedures. Xakkary courageously suffered through a central tube, chest tubes, a feeding tube, catheter, breathing treatments, antibiotics, and lots of pain.

“Xakkary is very brave and tough,” said his nominating Child Life Specialist. “Even though it was hard for him, he just kept hanging in there until it was time for him to get to go home.”

“After spending what seemed like forever in the hospital, Xakkary was who kept me strong and smiling,” said his mom Ashley. “Now he’s a healthy, happy little boy once more, but I won’t forget the day I almost lost his to a severe case of pneumonia. Thank you, thank you so much [for this award]; it made his day!”

KWN is very proud to recognize Xakkary in connection with BSA Health System! Way to be brave, Xakkary!


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