Brad’s Ultimate Wish

Brad Chesney (2)

“Brad’s autoimmune disorders carry a fatal prognosis”

Less than one year ago, Wish Kid Brad was your average teenager. He loved to skateboard and listen to rapper Eminem, but his entire life changed in August 2014. Brad started suffering from horrible headaches, couldn’t keep food down, and his pupils were dilated. Once he started losing his balance, doctors immediately ran a series of tests.

Although an MRI discovered an arachnoid cyst on Brad’s brain, doctors didn’t believe that was causing his symptoms. Shortly after, a neurologist diagnosed Brad with two autoimmune disorders: Morvan’s Syndrome and Stiff Person Syndrome. Both conditions are extremely rare, progressive disorders that carry a fatal prognosis.

Morvan’s Syndrome has caused Brad to suffer from muscle spasms and is slowly affecting his cognitive skills. Stiff Person Syndrome also affects Brad’s muscles, causing tremendous pain, and eventually impairing his mobility. Brad’s symptoms are treated with IVIG infusions and high doses of medication.

Despite his diagnosis, Brad still tries to enjoy all of his favorite things. He still loves listening to Eminem and playing video games, but can no longer participate in his favorite activity: skateboarding.

KWN is working hard to make Brad’s dream come true- check back soon for the details.

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