Japheth- Hero of the Month


December 2014

Hero Japheth, or as he is commonly called “J”, came into the hospital extremely ill. He was facing an episode of diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening complication of type 1 diabetes. Throughout multiple IV pokes and blood draws, J remained polite and brave. He even told his nurse “not to worry” because he has been watching him mom, who suffers from the same disease.

When his nurse said, “You’re doing much better!” J replied with, “Only because I have a great nurse taking care of me.”

Despite being told he had a life-changing diagnosis, 9-year-old Japheth tolerated every IV start and blood draw with bravery and poise. He thanked everyone for taking care of him and comforted his family during the struggle.

The staff at Cardon Children’s Medical Center was so impressed with J’s bravery and strength, and so are we at Kids Wish Network. Japheth is a great example of a Hero!

“We were so honored to learn J had been awarded Hero of the Month,” recalls his mother. “As the nurses said, he was so brave and is still being brave every day, with every shot, every blood check and every carb he counts, for him to live a long, healthy life.”

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