Making Seth’s dream come true


“Seth has already suffered through many surgeries”

When Wish Kid Seth was 9 years old, he started feeling nauseous frequently. He couldn’t keep his food down and began to rapidly lose weight. Soon, he started suffering from dizzy spells, bouts of physical pain, and muscle weakness. Doctors diagnosed Seth with severe Crohn’s disease and recommended surgery.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic and incurable inflammatory condition of the intestines. This disease often causes abdominal pain and can lead to other complications such as ulcers and bowel obstruction. Seth has already suffered through four separate surgeries to remove parts of his intestine, multiple colonoscopies and various other invasive procedures. His most recent surgery was performed to remove his colon.

All of these procedures attempted to alleviate Seth’s painful symptoms. He also takes regular medication that, unfortunately, has altered his cognitive thinking. As a result, Seth suffers from developmental delays and memory loss; he also fights bouts of depression. In April 2014, Seth was diagnosed with autism and is still undergoing testing.

Seth at Miami Dade1Seth at Miami Dade

With so many medical procedures and debilitating symptoms, Seth has missed a lot of school but finds ways to pass the time during recovery. Seth loves to cook and is interested in becoming a chef. He regularly watches the Food Network and likes to collect recipes demonstrated by Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray.

KWN is busying creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Seth; check back soon for all the details!
Check out the media link below for all of the details on Seth’s special wish:
Courtesy of the Miami Herald

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