Myles is just ‘a swingin’

Myles Freeman

“Even with surgery, Myles is still wheelchair-bound”

Wish Kid Myles was born premature and began dealing with life-threatening health issues immediately. Because of his early arrival, doctors wanted to check all his systems and performed a CAT scan as one of many procedures. The scan detected brain damage, and Myles was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that is caused by an insult to the immature, developing brain. This life-threatening condition causes a variety of symptoms throughout the body. For Myles, it immediately affected his eye sight and muscle movement.

Myles had two surgeries before he was even 2 years old: one to repair his crossed eyes and another to strengthen the muscle tendons in his arms and legs. Cerebral palsy has greatly affected Myles’s muscles. Even with his surgery, Myles still is wheelchair-bound and receives regular Botox injections to help keep his muscles from locking up. The 7-year-old also utilizes regular physical, occupational, speech, and animal therapy.

Despite his struggles, Myles is a happy young boy who loves movement. He gets very excited about anything that goes fast, like a rollercoaster or a swing. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many wheelchair-accessible ways to make this happen except for a specialized wheelchair swing. We know Myles will be overjoyed to get a swing made just for him so we can’t wait to grant his wish!

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