Gauge and Jada – Hero of the Month

October 2014Gauge and Jada

Kosair Children’s Hospital

Siblings Gauge and Jada were severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. They were crossing the road when they were struck by a semi truck. The pair was immediately transported to the hospital.

Gauge required spinal and intestinal surgeries to repair the internal damage. Surgeons removed three feet of his intestines, and he was put into a back brace while his spine recovered. The 9-year-old continued to look after his little sister in the hospital to make sure she was okay; he always tried to be the strong big brother.

Jada needed an intestinal surgery to repair the damage and then required physical therapy to regain full use of her body. Jada, 7, who is normally extremely sensitive, tried her best to keep on a brave face during their hospital stay so her brother wouldn’t see her cry.

The siblings spent two weeks in Kosair Children’s Hospital recovering, and did so with bravery.

Both Gauge and Jada are amazing Heroes!

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