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As the Product Coordinator for KWN, I am always impressed by other peoples’ generosity. I get the chance to work with incredible companies that go above and beyond to help us provide joy to kids facing difficult circumstances. The past few months, I’ve been working with a fantastic company called Sophia’s Doll Clothes that really took “above and beyond” to the next level; especially staff members Caryln and Anthony. Here’s the scoop:

One afternoon I received an email from Carlyn at Sophia’s Doll Clothes; she had a large number of doll trunks that she would like to donate to Kids Wish Network. And by large number I mean 14 pallets of doll trunks, 408 items to be exact. After reading that e-mail, I, of course, did my happy dance throughout the entire office for everyone to see! What little girl doesn’t want a really cool doll trunk?



For two months KWN and Sophia’s Doll Clothes kept running into problems with the freight due to height restrictions. Right away, Anthony offered to meet the truck up the road to load these pallets so there wouldn’t be any height restrictions issues. This meant that Anthony would have to use a pallet jack to pull each of the 14 pallets from the warehouse to the truck parked up the road. Talk about hard word. Unfortunately, this didn’t make the freight any cheaper.



Then, Anthony was nice enough to move all of these pallets to another location in hopes of decreasing the freight costs. Sadly, again, it didn’t. When every option failed, Carlyn and Anthony (I get goose bumps when I think about this) agreed to pay for half of the freight!



Not only were they willing to donate product to us (over $20,000 worth!!), they were also willing to help us get these awesome products to our warehouse! I have to be honest, this offer made me cry. It reminds me to never underestimate the generosity of others. It’s a great feeling to work with companies that are so willing to help our organization provide new gifts to really deserving children.



Thank you Sophia’s Doll Clothes and Carlyn and Anthony for going far beyond anything I ever expected. I would also like to thank our KWN warehouse team for putting so much effort into this project as well.

Product Coordinator at KWN

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