Aleazia’s Spectacular Shopping Spree

“Aleazia loves to perform!”

aleazia wish kidcystic hygroma before birth. Doctors located a lump via ultrasound and estimated it would be found near the back of his neck. When Aleazia was born, however, the lump was found on his face, not his neck, and was worse than initially thought. Usually, cystic hygromas look like soft bulges under the skin and can be easily removed, but Aleazia’s hygroma is filled with micro tumors that are woven into the nerves on his face. Because all of the nerves are connected to the growth, doctors cannot remove the hygroma.

When Aleazia was 9 years old, the hygroma started increasing in size. About once a year, Aleazia is hospitalized because the growth causes his entire face to swell and prevents his systems from functioning correctly. He stays hospitalized until the swelling recedes, but doctors have no answer as to why this happens. Aleazia also develops sores in his mouth resulting from the growth that need to be burned off.

Despite dealing with serious complications related to his life-threatening illness, Aleazia is a happy and ambitious child who spends his time developing his own magical world. He also loves to dance, sing and perform for an audience.

For his wish, KWN granted Aleazia a shopping spree to fulfill his wildest dreams. He picked out new clothes, a camera to document his performances, and a laptop to share them on.

Aleazia doesn’t let his illness keep him down and he aspires to become a great performer.

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