Jorge’s Spectacular Shopping Spree

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“Jorge’s Spectacular Shopping Spree”

In October 2011, Jorge started feeling extra tired and worn down with pain in his ligaments. After blood work and tests, Jorge was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that progresses rapidly.

Jorge was started on an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy. He was treated weekly for 7 months, and then reduced to bi-weekly visits with lumbar fluid tests on his spine for an additional 29 months. The treatments took a toll on Jorge; every round made him extremely ill. His first treatment caused him to get pancreatitis and fall into a coma, but he knew he needed to persevere.

Despite 3 full years of chemo treatments, Jorge’s cancer returned in May of 2013. This time, doctors decided to try a bone marrow transplant and found a donor match close to home – Jorge’s younger brother. Jorge bravely submitted to radiation and chemotherapy treatments once again to prepare his system for the bone marrow transplant. On August 27th, 2013, doctors performed Jorge’s bone marrow transplant. The transplant appeared to be working, but Jorge’s cancer sadly returned in September 2014. The teen, once again, went through four months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Throughout his struggle, Jorge has remained positive. The teen is looking forward to completing high school and going on to college. He also was looking forward to his wish; he needed new bedroom furniture, electronics and clothes, so Kids Wish Network granted his wish for a Target shopping spree.

Jorge was able to shop online and get everything that he wanted. Jorge will be staying in a rehabilitation facility as he recovers from this last round of chemotherapy but is patiently waiting to return home.

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