From a Galaxy far, far away: Jedi Taylor saves the day


“Taylor has had 21 different surgeries in only 9 years”

From the moment Taylor was born, he’s been struggling against his life-threatening illness. One of Taylor’s organs formed partially outside of his body, and within 24 hours of his birth, Taylor was sent to three different hospitals searching for answers.

The right doctor finally diagnosed Taylor with bladder exstrophy, a very rare, complex birth defect resulting from the incorrect formation of the pelvic bone, skin and muscles that join the lower part of the abdomen. This occurs when the abdominal wall fails to close during fetal development and results in the protrusion of the bladder wall. Taylor was rushed into surgery when he was 3 days old and spent 25 days in the NICU.

Nine-year-old Taylor has since suffered through 21 surgeries in six different hospitals across two states. He regularly visits seven different doctors and specialist in three states and takes six pills daily to battle his incurable condition. Taylor also deals with hypoglycemia, acid reflux, gastritis, migraines, is near-sighted, and has permanent hearing loss in both ears.

Despite his daily battle, Taylor had a blast on his wish trip to the Florida theme parks during Disney World’s “Star Wars” Weekend. Dressed in his Obi-Won Kenobi costume, Taylor bravely sauntered up to Darth Vader, light saber in hand, with nothing but excitement in his eyes.

“For Taylor, finding Darth Vader was definitely the best part,” recalls Taylor’s mom, Brittany Hayes. “We are forever grateful to Kids Wish Network for giving us a chance to cherish our time together as a family instead of focusing on Taylor’s daily, life-long challenges. Words could never express our gratitude.”

Taylor’s most recent surgery was in April 2014; this was his second bladder augmentation, and he is now at a higher risk of his bladder bursting. Taylor continues to battle with his life-threatening illness but remains positive.


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Name: Taylor
Age: 9
State: VA
Illness: Bladder Exstrophy
Wish: Star Wars Weekend at Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks

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