Technology upgrade for number-whiz Nolan


Nolan loves his new computer

In early 2014, 3-year-old Nolan was diagnosed with two life-threatening conditions and started a very long and complicated medical journey. Nolan’s two most dangerous conditions are Chiari malformation type 1 and hydrocephalus, both issues related to the skull and brain. Chiari malformation type 1 develops as the skull and brain are growing. In Nolan’s case, part of his brain tissue was sagging outside of his skull and pushing down on his spinal cavity causing slight scoliosis and pressure on the brain. He had his first surgery to correct the issue, but experienced complications resulting in five other surgeries so far.

A shunt was placed in Nolan’s brain to drain the excess fluid, called hydrocephalus, and relieve some of the pressure. Doctors monitor Nolan constantly to catch any other symptoms or potential issues early. As he continues to grow, his conditions require close attention.

Nolan also suffers from autism spectrum disorder, and doesn’t speak much but is a whiz at numbers. He can remember the address to the doctor’s office he just went to or the number of a passing school bus. He loves watching youtube videos featuring numbers or letters and is super excited about his brand-new laptop! His old one was too slow, and he’d get frustrated easily. But with his new wish computer and games, the technology works as fast as he does!

Nolan loves his new computer and hasn’t stopped using it since it arrived!

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