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We grant a lot of wishes…and when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean a lot!!! We’ve granted so many different, unique wishes over the years that it’s hard to know where to start to show you all what I mean. So, I’ll start with a new unique wish that we just granted to a teen named Merritt from Alabama.

Merritt was given the chance to have his wish granted because of a tumor – called an infratemporal fossa schwannoma – in his left cheekbone. The tumor was connected to both his left optical nerve and his aortic artery and was also causing pressure in his brain. Merritt was taken into a risky 20 hour surgery, where surgeons successfully removed the tumor. Unfortunately, Merritt has since been suffering from complications of the surgery and he’s monitored closely, as there is a chance that the tumor will grow back.

When his Wish Coordinator, Rhonda, asked him what he wanted for his wish, Merritt surprised her by asking for some special off-white body paint and primer for a classic 1970 AMC AMX car.

Merritt and his 1970 AMC AMX

Merritt and his 1970 AMC AMX

Now, we’ve granted car and truck makeovers before, where a teen gives his/her car or truck to a special team of professionals to refinish and repaint the automobile; that, we’ve done. But never this. In this instance, the Wish Kid was going to do the makeover himself!

Merritt has had the rare ‘70s car since last summer when he began taking free auto restoration classes. His skills at welding and his intense interest was noted and admired by one of the instructors, who decided to take the teen under his wing and mentor him in learning to restore classic cars. This mentor also helped Merritt get a very good deal on his AMX, which he is now working to restore completely from the ground up. The only thing he needed now that Kids Wish Network could help him, was the paint.

Merritt and the awesome guys at Moore's Auto Paint in Huntsville, AL

Merritt and the awesome guys at Moore’s Auto Paint in Huntsville, AL

Rhonda tracked down the special color and type of paints that Merritt asked for and she called up Moore’s Auto Paint in Huntsville, AL, who happily donated the paint for Merritt’s wish. When Merritt and his mother went to pick the paint up, Merritt could barely contain the smile that was threatening to shine on his face.

In addition to the paint, Kids Wish Network sent a gift box full of neat collectibles and other fun things for Merritt to enjoy that went along with his varied interests.

Merritt and his wish paint

Merritt and his wish paint

Now, according to his mom, Merritt isn’t quite ready to paint the car just yet (because he’s still welding floor panels and doing body work on it), but he’s planning on getting started this summer with the paint. For now, at least he knows it’s there and it’s ready to help turn his AMX into the beauty that he’s envisioned all along, thanks to Kids Wish Network and the awesome guys at Moore’s Auto Paint.

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