My Wish Ruled!

Name: Alex
Age: 11
State: FL

In 2010, Alex began showing signs of extreme fatigue and started drinking excessive amounts of water. Tests at the doctor’s office confirmed that he had type 1 diabetes. Because of this condition, he must have his blood checked 10 times daily and he also requires an insulin pump to help regulate his blood sugar levels. Just this year, Alex was also diagnosed with a condition called Hashimoto’s disease – an autoimmune disorder that damages the thyroid gland. Because of this, Alex also follows a daily medication regimen. With both of these conditions, Alex has had a very tough time and is now homeschooled because of the extreme fatigue that he experiences.

For his wish, Alex got to enjoy some time with his family at the many theme parks in Orlando, Florida. He had a blast riding rides and seeing shows, but his favorite part was just having some quality time with his parents, brothers, and sister.

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Wish: Visit the Florida Theme Parks
Wish Type: Theme Parks

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