Vikings Help Grant Rochester Boy’s Wish

It’s an illness that strikes un-expectantly, epilepsy. For one Rochester boy it strikes every day. But thanks to the Minnesota Vikings and the Kids Wish Network, that boy was given a day without illness.

Ten year old Kirk Peterson loves to play catch with his dad. But just like he has to do with everything else, Kirk has to be extra cautious.

“Well I can’t go higher than a chair, and I can’t play tackle football, and that’s why I wear this helmet,” said Kirk Peterson.

Kirk was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was in kindergarten. He suffers two to three seizures a day.

“Sometimes it’s hard.”

“It just came on fast, he was up to 30 a day,” said Kirk’s mom Dana Peterson.

His mom Dana says the seizures have become just a part of their day.

“We just have to be more watchful and he has a good attitude about it.”

Kirk’s love for football goes well beyond playing it in the yard, because just like his dad Matt.

“I’ve been Vikings fan my whole life, my first game was December of 1972,” said Matt Peterson.

Kirk is a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.

“My whole life,” said Kirk.

So when Kirk had a chance to have a day that was not about his seizures, you can guess what he wished for.

“He applied for a wish, he had a couple and his number one wish was to play football with the Minnesota Vikings, and that wish was granted,” said Matt Peterson.

The Kids Wish Network granted him a day to visit the Minnesota Vikings at their training facility. Kirk was able to not only throw the ball around with his dad, but Percy Harvin as well.

“I got to see him play and talk with Percy and catch and throw with him, and afterwards we were just playing on the field like we were in the front yard,” said Matt.

Kirk didn’t suffer a seizure the entire time they were there.

“It was a dream come true, our whole family has been through a lot and for us just to have that time where it was just fun, means a lot,” said Dana Peterson.

The Vikings gave Kirk and his family signed jerseys, a football and a glove. But you can tell by Kirk’s new favorite player what part of the trip was the highlight for him.

“Since my name is Peterson it used to be Peterson, but now it’s Harvin.”

Sometimes a simple wish can mean the world to a little boy who loves to play catch with his day.

“It was just cool, it was the best day of my life,” said Kirk.

Kirk’s parents say they do not expect his seizures to slow down anytime soon. But they are hopeful that one day through medication and research Kirk will be able to have a day without one.

Rochester, Minnesota

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