Jahmier Mays, 7, gets dream shopping spree

Jahmier Mays wanted a big day Monday and he got it thanks to a national charity and a local retailer.

Mays, 7, was the guest of honor at the Belleview Walmart as he went on a $1,000 shopping spree. Jahmier, a second-grader at Tyler Elementary School in Belleville, suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or as it is commonly known, brittle-bone disease.

Jahmier has had many trips to the hospital because of the disease, store representative April Warner said.

“We were contacted because (Jahmier) had a wish to go on a shopping spree,” she said.

In addition to the shopping spree, Jahmier and his family were treated to a pizza party.

Joined by his mother, Angel Mays, grandmother Ernestine Mays, great aunt Regina Brown and family friend Danelle Pegues-Martin and members of the Van Buren Township Fire Department, Jahmier went through the toy and electronics aisles to buy items from his list.

The event was put on through the Kids Wish Network and Walmart.

Manager Andy Branham greeted Jahmier with his family after the boy received a limousine ride from his house.

At the store, underneath a big banner that welcomed him to the store, Jahmier received an autographed baseball from American League Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, a Tigers jersey autographed by all the store’s associates and many other Tigers items.

Branham then presented with Jahmier with a blue Walmart staffer shirt as “Employee of the Day.”

Battalion Chief Dan Beeson of the Van Buren Fire Department came for the festivities and to help Jahmier shop. He was joined by firefighter Dan Wilson and Lt. Ken Floro.

“We are more than happy to attend,” Beeson said. “This is the great part of the job.”

The moment was especially poignant for Beeson as his crew was coming from a fatal crash.

The shopping spree was a surprise and a blessing for the Mays family.

“I got a phone call,” Angel Mays said. “Someone put Jahmier’s name in the box.”

For his part, Jahmier was excited to get started. He wanted a big day and as for what he wanted, “there’s so much I can’t tell.”

Jahmier brought a list and methodically went through it getting some Beyblades, a bike, a scooter, a 32-inch LED TV, a Wii and some video games.

During the shopping, the family and firefighters joked about how Jahmier “was not going to take it easy on his mom.”

In the end, Jahmier got everything on list.

“It went great,” Angel Mays said.

“Yeah,” Jahmier concurred.

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