I Met Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Name: Kaydence
Age: 6
State: TX

Kaydence is a bubbly six-year-old who loves the Disney princesses and her American Girl doll. She enjoys coloring and watching Spongebob Squarepants on TV. Kaydence’s favorite pastimes are dancing and playing marbles, and her favorite movie is Disney’s Tarzan.

Kaydence suffers from diabetes insipidus and type 1 diabetes; diabetes insipidus is a rare chronic metabolic disorder that causes intense thirst and excessive urination, while type 1 diabetes occurs when the body no longer produces insulin. It is extremely rare to have both conditions at once. Kaydence also suffers from severe allergies and has been diagnosed with anaphylaxis, a severe bodily allergic reaction that requires instant medical attention, as well as asthma. In 2008, Kaydence went into seizures because of something called water intoxication. She was given CPR and did not wake up until 18 hours later. Kaydence has since suffered two more bouts of seizures and was hospitalized all over again. She was also diagnosed with pediatric migraines and her doctors are now looking into her lack of growth to see if Kaydence may also suffer from a growth hormone deficiency. Her conditions are closely monitored and Kaydence must endure daily insulin injections, an insulin pump and various other medications and treatments.

For her wish, Kaydence got to meet her favorite cartoon characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse at their Florida “home” in Walt Disney World. She had a blast riding rides and watching a variety of fun, colorful shows and parades, but her favorite part was seeing Mickey and Minnie in person!

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Wish: Meet Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Wish Type: Theme Parks

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