I Met John Cena!

Name: Maurice
Age: 8
State: GA

When he was four months old, Maurice’s mother noticed that he was crankier than usual, not taking his bottle and not making eye contact with her. After three days of these unusual symptoms, she took him to the doctor, who noticed that Maurice’s head was swollen and transferred him to the hospital. A CAT scan showed that there was a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in Maurice’s skull – a condition called hydrocephalus – and he needed immediate surgery. A shunt was installed to drain the fluid. At the age of three, Maurice was running around and hit his head, which knocked him unconscious. He was driven to one hospital, where they put him on a breathing tube, but then he was life-flighted to another hospital where he suffered a seizure and was rushed into surgery again. Maurice was diagnosed with having epilepsy and must now take anti-seizure medication. He must also have his condition monitored closely by his doctors.

For his wish, Maurice met his favorite wrestler WWE Superstar John Cena! On the day of his wish, Maurice and his family were picked up by an H2 Hummer limousine and driven in style to the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. They were escorted backstage and Maurice’s eyes lit up when John Cena walked in the room. John Cena headed right over to Maurice, shook his hand and the two started talking about wrestling and their shared interest in classic cars. Maurice presented John Cena with a t-shirt and a pin for hydrocephalus awareness, while John Cena gave Maurice signed posters and pictures along with t-shirts, hats and armbands to match his own. Afterwards, Maurice and his family were seated in the second row for the WWE event and they had a great time watching the wrestling action up close. It was a real dream-come-true for Maurice.

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Wish: Meet John Cena
Wish Type: Celebrity

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