My Wish was Wonderful!

Name: Dimitri
Age: 4
State: OK

When he was only a few months old, Dimitri was taken to the hospital after developing a persistent cough and losing weight. After many tests, he was diagnosed with severe acid reflux, for which he needed immediate surgery on his esophagus. For about a year afterwards, Dimitri was fed through a feeding tube. Sometime later, Dimitri was finally diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a lung condition that clogs the lungs with mucus and causes other life-threatening lung and digestive issues. After a second surgery on his esophagus, Dimitri began suffering seizures. All that he has been through has been caused by cystic fibrosis and Dimitri continues to suffer with digestive problems, although he is now seizure-free. He receives daily therapy and medications for his condition.

For his wish, Dimitri got to visit the theme parks in Orlando, Florida! He and his family enjoyed a ton of fun rides and had a blast watching shows and parades. Some of Dimitri’s favorite experiences were meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse, riding the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure and collecting lots of new stuffed animal “friends” to take home with him.

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Wish: Meet Mickey Mouse
Wish Type: Theme Parks

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