Kids Wish Network’s International Relief Program is Making a Difference

Kids Wish Network’s International Relief Program is Making a Difference

Here at Kids Wish Network, we are absolutely dedicated to our mission of improving the quality of life for children having faced life-altering situations. Until recently, our mission served children across the United States, but now we’re taking it worldwide!

Knowing we could make a significant difference in the lives of children in need all over the world, we developed our Kids Wish Network International Relief Program. Through this program, we partner with national and international organizations to provide critical assistance to destitute children and orphans living in countries overwhelmed by poverty, illnesses and other dire hardships.

We recently teamed up with the Healey International Relief Foundation to provide much-needed medical supplies and other relief goods to National Caritas in Sierra Leone.  This country has been torn apart by civil war and unrest; it’s been identified as the “Worst Country in the World” every year by the United Nations since 2001 and has both the highest infant mortality rate and the lowest literacy rate in the world.

The supplies and relief goods we sent were given directly to the Serabu Hospital in Sierra Leone, where they were quickly put to good use.

Volunteers of all ages happily assist in unloading Kids Wish Network’s donation

Serabu Hospital employees were excited to receive Kids Wish Network’s donation

An infant receiving treatment at Serabu Hospital

Of course, we aren’t stopping at Sierra Leone; we want to reach out to children in need where ever they may be.  In fact, we’ll soon be providing critical assistance to orphans and destitute children in the Philippines through Bethesda Ministries International and Bethesda Community Health Evangelists.  Bethesda Ministries International was founded in 1948 to provide care to these children.

Keep an eye on our blog for more about our newest program and other events at Kids Wish Network; watch how we’re growing!


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