Skywalker Ranch was Awesome!

Name: Jon-Charles
Age: 17
State: FL

Jon-Charles was born with pneumonia and spent 10 days in an oxygen tank before he was able to be taken home. In 2008, after years of suffering with various serious infections and illnesses, Jon-Charles was diagnosed with having functional antibody deficiency. This condition causes his body to be deficient in immunoglobin G, an essential protein that assists in fighting infections. Because of this, Jon-Charles must endure 6 hours of immunoglobin transfusions every four weeks and he must refrain from exposing himself to lots of germs. He also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, for which he endures weekly shots, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

For his wish, Jon-Charles got to visit George Lucas’s legendary Skywalker Ranch. He loved every second of the tour and even impressed his tour guides with his wide knowledge of Star Wars trivia. Out of all that he got to experience, Jon-Charles said his favorite moment was when he got to sit in George Lucas’s private viewing chair and watch some scenes from an unreleased episode of The Clone Wars!

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Wish: Visit Skywalker Ranch
Wish Type: Travel

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