I Loved My Visit Walt Disney World!

Name: Taylor
Age: 18
State: AZ

Wish Kid

When she was 13 years old, Taylor fainted and was taken to the hospital, where doctors tried to figure out what was the matter with her. After three and a half years, she was finally diagnosed with an extremely rare autosomal disease called Muckle-Wells syndrome that causes fevers, rashes, joint pains and hearing loss because the body’s immune system attacks itself. In addition, Taylor’s doctors discovered that she suffered from intestinal malrotation – where the intestines are shifted and rotated out of their normal positions in the abdomen – and intussusception of her lower intestines – where a section of one of her lower intestines prolapses into another. Taylor also suffers from dysmotility, a condition in which the small intestine’s ability to move digestive secretions and enzymes through the body is impaired or stopped altogether. Because of all her conditions, Taylor has already undergone 4 procedures and has no intestinal usage; she is completely dependent on IV nutrition, as her stomach no longer works. Taylor takes 10 medications a day, receives a shot every five days and she suffers frequent spinal pressure, headaches and fainting spells.

For her wish, Taylor was able to enjoy some time relaxing and just hanging out with her family at magical Walt Disney World in Florida. While there, Taylor got to share all sorts of wonderful experiences with her younger siblings, including rides on the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.

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Wish Type: Theme Parks

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